Moving K2 databases?

16 Nov

My first Making Flow Work post! Feels like I’m cheating on the Naked Programmer.

Sometimes you need to move K2’s databases from one SQL server to another. Various reasons might force you to do it, specifically when you realised you should probably not have put the K2 databases on the same SQL Server as SharePoint 2010.

It’s a straight forward process and includes two parts:
1. Backup and restore all the K2 databases to a new SQL Server
2. Recreate the SCSSOKey symmetric keys and SCHostServerCert certificates

The following two articles explain the whole processes step by step:

I did however discover that, even after running the K2 Setup Manager to reconfigure K2 to point to the new SQL server, the out of the box K2 reports stopped working and that users could no longer create custom worklist filters (and I assume various other user specific configuration features must have been broken). Users trying to run OOB report got this error: An error occurred loading the report. Service: K2Generic Settings Service Guid: ffffffff-ffff-ffff-ffff-fffffffffffff Severity: Informational Error Message: Cannot open database “K2HostServer”. Users trying to create worklist filters got: “Could not save user data. Check error logs for more information”.

It seems that there is a service broker instance called the Generic Settings Service that contains a link the K2HostServer database and the link is not updated by the K2 Setup Manager. After manually updating the link, everything worked fine.

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