Dynamically Assigning Tasks to SharePoint 2013 Users

29 Oct

If you’re using the web designer for a K2 for SharePoint 2013 workflow and you assign a task to a user that someone selects from a people picker then you’ll notice it works pretty seamlessly. However, try do the same thing in K2 Studio and it fails miserably. This is because the value that’s stored for the selected task owner is the SharePoint ID, so if you do assign a task to that user it will be assigned to K2:MyDomain\167

Luckily there’s a way past this, but it’s not obvious. Thanks to Igor from K2 for helping me find this…

Step 1: Create a new SmartObject.

There’s a VERY useful service object which K2 include with the product but by default there’s no SmartObject available over it. We’re going to fix that by creating a new SmartObject for it. Run the SmartObject Testing Tool (in the bin folder) and look for this Service Object:

1 - Service Object

Once you’ve clicked “Create SmartObject” you can change the category (I’ll leave it as Default for now) and publish it:

2 - Published

Step 2: Test the new SmartObject

Open the category you published the SmartObject to and execute it. You’ll see pages of new methods available to you. Look for the one called “Get K2 FQN for SharePoint users” and fill in the details you want. The Site URL will be your SharePoint site, the K2 Label will always be “K2”, and in the User ids field you can enter in a semicolon-delimited list of SharePoint IDs. Run the method and AD users pop out the other end:

3 - Execute

That’s it. Hope that helps someone!


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